Dorygnathus banthensis


Dorygnathus banthensis

Locality: Germany
Formation: Posidonia Shale
Wingspan: 115 cm (3 feet 9 inches)
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Dorygnathus Scale


From the early Jurassic of Bavaria, Germany, Dorygnathus had a long tail, short metacarpals and an elongated skull. It may have been a weak flyer as the sternum is small, although some researchers think that the sternum may have been larger with cartilaginous extensions. Dorygnathus was probably piscivorous, using its long recurved incisors to skewer or trap fish. The skeleton also has a long fifth digit of the pes, which may have supported a portion of the flight membrane.

Dorygnathus banthensis in flight

Dorygnathus banthensis ground posture