Custom Museum Exhibits


Exhibit Design and Fabrication

Triebold Paleontology, Inc., is a full-service resource for fossil and replica specimens. We offer turn-key solutions to help engage your audience and immerse them in the educational and entertaining experiences you aim to provide. TPI is experienced in professionally addressing every step of the process from prospecting and initial discovery to placing the finished high-fidelity replica or prepared original specimen in an anatomically natural and awe-inspiring mount. TPI is headquartered in a museum and produces its own traveling exhibits, including Savage Ancient Seas and Darwin & Dinosaurs so we understand first-hand how to meet the challenges of engaging audiences through fine exhibit craft.

Brontosaurus and Allosaurus in the Royal Gorge Dinosaur Experience

TPI is known the world over for its exemplary mounted specimens based on the most up-to-date research. We pose our skeletons with anatomical precision in positions that engage the viewer and communicate a story about the behaviors the living animal might have exhibited and its interactions with its environment. Some examples of TPI’s unique mounting techniques include our three-dimensionally reconstructed fossil fish skeletons that are absolutely unmatched in realism. We have also worked with pterosaur experts from around the world using body and trace fossil evidence to extrapolate the most unique yet accurate portrayals of interesting behaviors.

Dromaeosaurus pack attacking Pachycephalosaurus

TPI's mounted specimens are manufactured with the lowest possible profile armature which can often be placed entirely within the skeleton leaving 100% of the bone surface unobstructed. Exhibit components that are designed for hands-on interaction are ruggedized for maximum durability. Whether you need delicate specimens suspended in mid air or an exhibit people can literally climb all over and stomp on, TPI can make it for you and place it on your museum floor. All of our mounted replicas are fully assembled and finished before being dismantled and packed for shipping. This ensures the fastest possible, obstacle-free installation and the smallest window of time needed in your space to complete the installation.

Tylosaurus kansasensis diorama