Exploration, Prospecting & Site Assessment


Fossil Exploration, Prospecting & Site Assessment

Everything starts with the initial discovery. Fossils may not be as rare as most people think. What is rare are trained and experienced eyes looking in the right places. Triebold Paleontology, Inc. has been in the fossil hunting business for a quarter century. TPI holds dozens of leases on private lands and has successfully prospected for and recovered fossils from a number of fossiliferous formations.

Judith River Formation outcrops in Montana

The circumstances would dictate how we might move forward, potentially working together with a lease agreement, working out a service arrangement should you want the specimen excavated or further processed for your own uses, or simply identifying and showing you where the fossils are on your land. As a complete paleontological services provider, TPI can take your project or specimen from these initial stages all the way through to mounting replicas of your specimen, and even digitizing your fossils to erect them as computer generated 3D models, animations or 3D-printed scale models.

theropod tooth

If you have a parcel of privately held land that you suspect may hold untold fossil treasures, we may be able to help find and document them. If you are serious about tracking down valuable specimens, we would like to hear from you. We can work with you to evaluate what geologic formations are outcropping on your private land and what fossils might be contained there. If the situation seems promising to you and us alike, we can explore arrangements for our team to spend some time prospecting your land. TPI would record and report to you exclusively what we find in a completely transparent and trustworthy manner. The information would be yours to do with as you choose.