Pteranodon longiceps


Pteranodon longiceps

Locality: Kansas
Formation: Niobrara
Male Wingspan: 7.3 m (24 feet)
Female Wingspan: 3.3 m (11 feet)
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Pteranodon Scale

Pteranodon longiceps Male

TPI offers both male and female models of Pteranodon longiceps based on the most complete Pteranodon ever found. CT scans of this incredible specimen were used to prototype the male which has been scaled to match the largest known Pteranodon with a 24-foot wingspan. Not only are male specimens known for their larger size, but also for their distinctive large head crests.

TPI is serious about bringing the latest research to museum goers in the form of specimens mounted to model these new ideas. We can configure our replicas an infinite number of ways to interpret the latest discoveries for your visitors, like the unique take-off pose proposed by Dr. Mark Witton pictured above.

Female morphotype Pteranodon
baby Pteranodon
Male Pteranodon Longiceps in flight