Fossil Preparation, Restoration, and Reconstruciton


Professional Fossil Preparation, Restoration, and Reconstruciton

Preparing fossil vertebrates to the highest professional standards is nothing new to TPI. Ever since we opened our doors, TPI has been preparing fossil vertebrates every day, all year-round. Along the way we have honed our skills and learned a few new ways of doing things that have served us and our customers very well. With skilled artisans and the latest technologies including laser-scanning and rapid prototyping, if you can visualize it, TPI can produce it.

First articulated fossil gar from the Hell Creek Formation

If a specimen is plaque-mounted or incomplete, TPI can use 3D laser-scanners to capture the elements that are present and/or exposed and produce mirror-imaged parts to accurately synthesize the elements that are not available. If you have elements that need either shrunk or enlarged for your own reconstruction project, TPI can quickly produce scaled models to precision with a degree of error on the scale of microns working with casts or original fossil specimens.

Juvenile Chelosphargis sea turtle skull

No specimen is too small or too large for our skilled preparators to reveal in or remove from its surrounding matrix. Thanks to a partnership with local CT-scanning specialists, we can use state-of-the art imaging technology to see what is inside a rock or jacket before it is even opened in some cases and can digitally view the fossilized contents or 3D print a model of the structures of interest (i.e. individual bones otherwise inaccessible, brain-casts, stomach contents, unerupted teeth, etc.).

Cimolichthys 3D restoration over prepared fossil specimen

TPI has produced amazing life reconstructions based on fossil and modern remains. We have worked in the past with zoos and nature preserves to secure and prepare the remains of extant organisms to accurately portray extinct organisms in an entirely scientific manner.