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“TPI played a significant role in helping us renovate our Mesozoic galleries, providing us with excellent quality casts of rare vertebrates. Throughout the project, we enjoyed highly professional interactions with TPI. After the exhibition opened to the public, we again relied on Mike Triebold’s expertise for an independent assessment of the value of some of our specimens.”

Dr. Christopher Beard
Mary R. Dawson Chair of Vertebrate Paleontology
Carnegie Museum of Natural History
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

“The team at Triebold Paleontology, Mike Triebold especially, has gone above and beyond any other firm we have worked with on incorporating custom elements and fulfilling multiple difficult requests (and most times with no additional cost). Combined with the quality of their casts, their willingness to work hand-in-hand with their clients is why I rank Triebold Paleontology at the top of my list of the many firms I have personally worked with.”

Jun Ebersole
Collections Manager
McWane Science Center
Birmingham, Alabama

“I would like to stress the efficiency with which he runs his business (TPI). I am impressed by the professional way he and his whole crew conduct business. It always amazes me how much they get done, and how they maintain exceptionally high quality in all their products.”

Dr. Martin Lockley
Professor of Geology and Museum Curator
Colorado University
Denver, Colorado

"Scientific accuracy is TPI's hallmark. If TPI has bid on preparation and mounting of your specimens, you can be sure the work will be done carefully, will be done well, and will be on time and on budget."

Dr. Stephen Cumbaa
Research Scientist Paleobiology
Canadian Museum of Nature
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

“Hiring TPI was one of the better decisions that we made during our recent expansion and construction project. The crew that performed the installation was a joy to work with. They are obviously highly experienced and worked well as a team. The crew was self-sufficient and worked with great concern for safety. The casting techniques used by TPI are extraordinary, producing high fidelity casts. The results of their work are spectacular and visually stunning.”

Julian C. Gray, Curator
Tellus Northwest Georgia Science Museum
Cartersville, Georgia

“You and your crew did an excellent job working in an unusual setting, the project was finished in under the estimated time, and the area was left in better shape than when you arrived. Please give them all my thanks and praise.”

Ron Tykoski, Ph.D.
Fossil Preparator
Museum of Nature & Science
Dallas, Texas

"Mr. Triebold stands above his competitors in that he is both very well qualified and his integrity may be depended upon without reserve."

Dr. Dale A. Russell
Research Professor Emeritus
North Carolina State University
Raleigh, NC

"I was particularly pleased with TPI's capability and willingness to mount the skeleton exactly in the way we wanted, and it is not easy to do when you are dealing with a 15 meter (45 foot) skeleton. I was impressed with their highly professional operations."

Dr. Makoto Manabe
Senior Scientist
National Science Museum
Tokyo, Japan